When MAA is NOT Your Home Study Provider

If you do not live in Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania, you will need a Home Study provider who is licensed in your state of residence.  MAA, as your Primary Provider, must approve of your selected home study provider prior to you initiating the home study.

It is strongly suggested that your home study provider have Hague or COA accreditation.  MAA does require Hague or COA accreditation for any supervised providers completing post-placement reporting.  All home study reports must be completed by non-profit, Hague or COA accredited agencies, and by agency employees, not contract workers.  Home studies cannot be accepted from independent social workers or for-profit agencies.

If you have already identified a Home Study Agency:
Before you continue, MAA must approve of your selected home study provider.  Your home study agency must complete the following forms in order to receive MAA’s approval.  Home study agencies working with families pursuing adoption from Colombia should send all documents to the Illinois address or Misty@MadisonAdoption.org.  Home Study agencies working with families pursuing adoption from all other programs should send all documents to the Delaware address or AnneB@MadisonAdoption.org.

1.    Contact Information Form
2.    Exempted Provider Agreement  or  Supervised Provider Agreement for Hong Kong, Philippines, and Thailand
3.    Record of Adoptive Parent Training
4.    Home Study Guidelines & Checklist

Locate a Home Study Provider Agency
To find an already approved Supervised Provider for MAA, please review our listing here:  MAA Supervised Providers List.

If you do not see an agency listed in your state, or would prefer using another partner, please contact us immediately for suggestions.  You may also check the list provided by IAAME, our accrediting entity here:  http://www.iaame.net/accreditation/accredited-approved-agencies-persons/.  Remember, all home study providers must be preapproved by MAA before you initiate the home study process.

Your home study provider must be the same agency who will complete your post-placement or post-adoption reports.  If your family relocates to a new state after the home study is completed, you must contract with a Hague accredited agency in your new state of residence to complete the required reports.