Thailand Adoption Dossier Requirements

Please note, detailed Dossier instructions and forms are provided in the New Client Packet.

The Dossier to submit to Thailand must include the following documents:

    • Application of Child Adoption
    • Letter of Intent
    • Home Study Report with Agency License
    • Birth Certificate of both parents (Certified Original documents)
    • Marriage Certificate (Certified Original documents)
    • Divorce or Death Decrees (if applicable)
    • Alien Resident “Green Card” (if applicable)
    • Medical Letter for each parent
    • Letter from medical professional IF on any prescribed medication, chronic medical condition, etc.
    • Letter documenting infertility or other reason pregnancy is not advisable (if applicable)
    • Psychological Evaluation Report for each parent
    • Certificate of Net Worth
    • Front page of the last two 1040 income tax returns
    • 2 letters from bank, credit union, or other financial institution
    • Employment, Self-Employment, and/or Homemaker Letters for each parent
    • Police clearance statement for each parent
    • USCIS I800A Approval
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • Copy of passport for each parent
    • Agreement to register your child with the Thai Consulate
    • Promise to finalize the adoption in the US
    • Verification of adoption education
    • MAA Endorsement of Psychological Evaluation
    • MAA Endorsement of Home Study (if MAA is not home study provider)
    • MAA Affidavit of Hague Accreditation Certificate and Agency License

 All of the documents above must be notarized or in the case of vital records, certified copies. 

 The dossier must also include the following items, which do not need to be notarized:

    • 5 Identical passport photos of each parent
    • 9 recent pictures- 3 of your immediate family, 3 of the outside of the home, 3 of the inside of the home
    • Post-Adoption Agreement
    • Inter-agency agreement

Madison Adoption Associates will prepare your dossier, including all authentications, scans and copies.  For local clients, we are happy to act as your notary.