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All I can say is THANK YOU! What a great experience working with the staff at Madison. Let me preface this testimonial with my background. I’m a business woman by nature, sales specifically and I run teams of people. We have project plans, milestones and quotas to meet. When I went into the adoption process I thought this would be like any other “project” I was involved with. That is not possible with adoption. Ultimately is a linear process with a start, middle and an end… but there are lots of things to navigate which I had no clue about but Madison’s team was AMAZING. You have no idea when things will get approved, you get your referral and ultimately your dream of parenthood is achieved so emotions run high, time feels like forever and if you come to adoption through a path which included infertility, you are a little “battle weakened”. The staff at Madison guide you through everything, and are there to emotionally support you as well. I have a beautiful son and I had a beautiful unique experience which is something each family will have.
After speaking with other adoptive families who adopted from Colombia and comparing notes, other agencies do not hold a candle to Madison.

If you are considering adoption, Madison is the way to go!

~Jennifer C

Reimer - testimonialMadison Adoption Associates helped us bring Anthony home from China to join his 3 brothers who were adopted from Korea. Anthony was born with a heart defect and has recovered from open heart surgery. Thanks to MAA, these darling boys have now welcomed home another brother from China who is recovering from heart surgery.

~ Reimer Family

Horner testimonial We are so thankful to China and MAA for allowing us to adopt our 4 precious children (all with special needs). They are all happy, healthy, bright and beautiful and have adjusted perfectly into our family. We love them with our whole hearts and cannot imagine life without them.

~ Horner Family

Quesinberry testimonial Eddie’s family chose to bring him home as their son because they are experienced parents of children who are deaf. Eddie was 13 years old and was getting ready to age out. His father traveled to China to bring him home just a few days before Eddie’s 14th birthday. With only a few hours left to complete the adoption, Eddie was registered with his new family and came home!! MAA’s staff worked night and day to make sure Eddie did not age out before his family was able to travel to adopt him. MAA was in constant communication with the family, the US Immigration Services and the US Consulate in Guangzhou to make sure all of the necessary paperwork was on an expedited schedule. All of us at MAA cried tears of joy when we heard the news that Eddie’s adoption was completed on time.We are very grateful to CCCWA that they worked with us to make sure this Eddie’s adoption happened!

~ Quesinberry Family

We came home with our daughter Lily, age 8 years, in January 2011. She is absolutely amazing and we all love her to pieces. She is adored by her 5 other siblings and we are so happy she is with us. The video, the interviews, the countless pictures and the personal remarks from those from Madison who met her were so helpful in allowing us to see that she would fit perfectly into our family. And she does!

~ Taylor Family