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Hemangioma: Strawberry hemangiomas are bright red, raised areas that develop soon after birth and enlarge slowly during the first several months of life. Most of them completely disappear by seven years of age, but some leave a brownish wrinkled area. Cavernous hemangiomas are raised red to purplish areas and are made up of enlarged blood vessels that are present at birth. They sometimes become sore and bleed. They usually require treatment and rarely disappear completely without it.

Causes: Doctors do not know what causes the blood vessels to group together, although there may be a hereditary component involved.

Treatment: The first step for treatment is often simple observation. Doctors may watch the mark over several months to determine if it is growing rapidly or staying the same. Most strawberry hemangiomas do not need treatment unless they interfere with normal eating, breathing or seeing. Surgery is not usually required.

There are several treatment options for cavernous hemangiomas. Steroid injections may help slow the growth. Laser treatments are also used to slow the growth or treat redness. Surgery is sometimes needed to totally remove the hemangioma.

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