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Burns/Burn Scars: Burns are injuries that may be caused by cooking, hot grease or oil, electrical wires, hot water, chemicals, frostbite or fire. The damage from a burn can vary greatly depending on how hot the burn source and how long the skin was exposed.  First degree burns (or single thickness burn) normally heal within five to seven days. This type of burn is red in color and will turn white when pressure is added to it. This burn can cause some skin discoloration and usually heals without scarring. Second degree burns (partial thickness burn) are more serious than a first degree burn. The second layer or dermis under the skin is damaged. This may leave scarring. Blisters may form and should not be €popped€. It is very painful. A deeper second-degree burn (deep partial thickness burn) may appear dry and have an ivory or pearly white color to it. Third degree burns (full thickness burn) affects all the skin layers, epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layers. This serious burn may appear dry and dark brown. The skin is destroyed. Other things that may be lost with this type of burn are hair follicles and sweat glands.   Once destroyed these cannot come back.

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*There is a Closed Facebook Group called Adopt Burn Survivors- Find Tara Newton on FB to join!

 Stories or Blogs from Families who have Parented a Child with Burns:



[1] Love Without Boundaries – http://www.adoptspecialneeds.org/