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Cryptorchidism also known as Undescended testes: Cryptorchidism is a condition in newborns when one or both of the male testes have not passed down into the scrotal sac.

Causes: Up to 30% of premature males will have an undescended testes. Undescended testes may occur for several other reasons including hormonal disorders, spina bifida, retractile testes or testicular absence.

Possible complications: Infertility is possible if both testes are affected and not corrected. There is a considerable increased risk of cancer if uncorrected by age 30 to 40 years. There is also an increased risk of hernia formation if uncorrected.

Treatment: This condition usually resolves without any intervention by the time the infant is six months old. The resolution occurs when the testes descend and remain in the scrotal sac. If by six months of age children still have undescended testicles, they should be evaluated by a pediatric urologist or other qualified subspecialist who can assist with diagnosis and treatment.

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