Sara Oglesby, MSW


Social Worker

Sara Oglesby joined Madison Adoption Associates in August 2010 as our Illinois Office Manager. She served as the point person for all inquiries and follow-ups related to Illinois home study families. She completed a graduate internship with Madison, beginning in January 2010, and was able to gain much experience and knowledge about the international adoption field. Sara had the opportunity to travel to China in April 2010 to participate in Camp Tiger.

Sara has always had an interest in international adoption and has focused on children with special needs for several projects during her undergraduate and graduate schooling. She volunteered for In His Hands Orphans Outreach, a non-profit adoption advocacy organization, where she was able to advocate for children in need of families, provide humanitarian aid for orphanages, and fundraise for families’ adoptions.

Sara graduated from Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor Degree in Social Work. She earned her Master Degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She temporarily left Madison in 2017 to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from St. John’s College of Nursing and currently works as a registered nurse at St. John’s Hospital. Her love for adoption never wavered and she returned to Madison Adoption Associates in 2019 to complete home study and post-adoption reports. Sara loves working with families and providing guidance and support during their adoption journey. Sara is the mother of two amazing children, Sydney and Caleb, whom she adopted from foster care.