Pennsylvania Hosting Program – Paperwork Requirements

Madison Adoption Associates is required to protect and provide for the children who will be coming to the United States to participate in the hosting program. These requirements include collecting the information below from each host family.


  • Three (3) Character References per family – notarized and sent directly to MAA
  • Hosting Agreement
  • Fee Agreement and Refund Policy
  • Safety Plan
  • Intent to Adopt and Mid-Point Evaluation Form (to be completed 10 days into Hosting Program)
  • Host Family Admission Form
  • PA FBI clearance ($35 per household member 18 or older)
  • PA State Police Clearance and PA child abuse clearance (approximately $20 total per person aged 13 or older). Families residing in PA for less than 5 years will be required to obtain child abuse clearances from all states and countries lived in since the age of 18
  • PA Family Profile Report completed by Madison Adoption Associates (additional documents listed below required to complete this step)

A Madison Adoption Associates social worker will contact you to schedule a home visit while your background checks are being processed.  The purpose is to ensure that the home is a safe environment for the hosted child. The following forms will be reviewed and collected during your home visit, along with the $800 fee.  If you have a current, valid Pennsylvania home study, that can be submitted in lieu of the PA Family Profile Report and documents listed below, though a home safety visit will still be required.

To be submitted by PA families to your social worker during home visit (all MAA specific forms will be emailed to you prior to the home visit):

  • Copy of passport, Driver’s license, or other government issued photo ID – for all household members over 18
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate for each household member
  • Divorce decree, military discharge, death certificate (if applicable)
  • Letter from Physician stating good health, free from communicable disease, and normal life expectancy – for all household members
  • The following financial information:

– Most recent 1040 return
– List of assets and liabilities (MAA form)
– Monthly expenses worksheet (MAA form)
– Employment verification letters from your employer confirming position, salary,  and length of service
– Proof of life insurance and health insurance

  • Autobiography of each host parent (MAA guide provided)
  • Non-physical discipline statement
  • Certificate of host/adoptive family training (will receive following completion of mandatory host parent training. Can be used toward Hague training requirements for adoption)