MAA Home Study Update Steps

  1. Submit the Home Study Application online and submit the application fee via PayPal or by printing application and mailing with a check. You will then receive a packet outlining the various documents you will need to submit in order to fulfill the home study update documentation requirements.
  2. Complete and return a summary of the changes since the original Home Study.
  3. If your original home study was with MAA, your case will likely be assigned to the same social worker who completed your original home study.  She or he will contact you to set up your first appointment together. Payment is due prior to or at the first meeting. Generally, only one home visit is required to update a Home Study. All household members should be present.  During this meeting, your social worker will conduct interviews, discuss any changes, provide guidance and support, and re-assess your family’s suitability to adopt.
  4. Submit the additional required documents (DE, NY, NJ & PA or Illinois). Once all information has been obtained and all necessary meetings have taken place, the updated home study will be written and go through MAA’s internal review process.
  5. Your updated Home Study report. will then be sent to you and any partnering agency to review.
  6. Once all changes have been made and payments have been received, MAA will finalize your report.