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Before you formally accept the referral of a child, we require you to have the child’s information reviewed by a medical professional, preferably one that specializes in international adoption. Not only can these specialists identify and prepare you for any possible health concerns, but they can help us share more information about health conditions common to the country from which you are adopting.

You may work with a doctor in your local area if you prefer. Frequently, adoption specialists will accept faxed or emailed copies of the referral information. They will review the documentation and set up a time for a phone conference with you to share their opinions. If you select a doctor/pediatrician in your area, you can also have that physician do an initial assessment once you arrive home with your child.

It is the job of the international medical specialist to alert you to any possible risks they see in the child’s referral. Please remember that even though we may have met a child in person, the MAA staff are not doctors and cannot provide a medical opinion. The assessment you receive from a physician may include medical concerns that are outside of your comfort zone. Please take all comments and opinions seriously and do not disregard any of the concerns; but also know that it is the responsibility of the medical specialist to present you with a worst case scenario.

Madison Adoption Associates does not verify the information below and does not endorse or recommend any physician or medical facility. 

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