Come along side MAA as we support vulnerable children all over the world! 

One of the primary focuses of our agency is to improve the lives and living conditions of vulnerable children all over the world.  Our commitment is to help all vulnerable children regardless of whether or not they are available for international adoption.

Hundreds of children have been united in permanent, loving families through Madison Adoption Associates programs. While the lives of these children will be forever enriched by the warmth and love of a family, many more children will spend their entire childhood in an orphanage, with little hope of a loving family and home to call their own.   We stand by these children, and those who care for them, through a variety of humanitarian projects aimed at supporting them physically, emotionally, medically, educationally, and more.

As part of MAA’s fund-raising efforts to help support these projects, each adoptive family contributes $500 through our “Charitable Aid Fund” fee.  This fee is held in a separate account designated for humanitarian assistance to children in need, both in the United States and in other countries.  These funds help us support projects, both big and small, around the world.

Madison Adoption Associates continues to expand our humanitarian aid programs and projects, and we could do so much more with your help!  Please consider donating (one-time or on a recuring monthly basis) to MAA so that we can provide even more aid and hope for vulnerable children all over the world!

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