Documents Required For a HS Update: Illinois

  1. Home Study Applicationfrom previous file
  2. Autobiography Questionnaire from each adopting parent- from previous file
  3. Marriage Certificate/ Divorce Decree (if applicable)– from previous file
  4. Birth Certificate for each family member – from previous file. NEED ONLY for any new household members
  5. Military Discharge/ Death Certificate (if applicable)- from previous file
  6. Criminal and Child Abuse Checks – must be completed for anyone age 18 and older residing in the home. (MAA’s ORI number is ILL14050S, Purpose Code: AWA)   Need ONLY if over 6 months old.
    a.) Live fingerprint scanning for IL state police and FBI clearances
    b.) Live fingerprint scanning for Foster Care License (If applicable, this is an additional set of prints from fingerprint scanning above.)
    c.) Child Abuse Clearance for each member of household 13 years and older (CANTS Form CFS 689).
    d.) Criminal Clearance form for any other states lived in for the past 5 years from previous file ONLY IF no new states
    e.) If Hague case, child abuse clearances must be submitted for every state lived in since 18 years of age – from previous file ONLY IF no new states
    f.) Affirmation Statement for Hague
    g.) IL Sex Offender Registry check done by Case worker
    h.) National Sex Offender Registry check done by Case worker
  7. Medical Requirements (all must be notarized)
    a.) CFS 604 Medical Evaluation (per adult in home) – Need ONLY if over 6 months
    CFS 600 Certificate of Child Health Examination (per child in home – Need ONLY if over 1 year
  8. Letter of Recommendation Provided for any household members over age 18 with previous mental/behavioral health service history (includes counseling, psychiatry, or persons using medication) – Need
  9. Financial Forms (all must be notarized)
    a.) Last 2 years of federal income tax returns – Need
    b.)Financial Statement – Need
    c.) Notarized letters from Employers which state occupation title, salary, and length of service. Must include an actual signature. – Need
  10. Five (5) Letters of Reference We suggest that you vary them. Two can be from family members. Other suggestions include neighbors, employer, or place of worship (if possible), friends. – Need
  11. Proof of Life Insurance photocopy of face of policy, company name and amount of policy – from previous file IF unchanged
  12. Proof of Health Coverage photocopy of policy or card – from previous file IF unchanged
  13. Guardian Designation Form – from previous file IF unchanged
  14. Training Parent Education Training Package and Training Certificates reflecting 10 hours of training. Does not need to be redone if training completed within two years.
    a.) Four of the ten required hours must be face-to-face, Hague-approved training (specified by caseworker)
    b.) Certificate of Adoptive Parent Training & Training Verification (To be completed with caseworker)
  15. IL Required Forms/ Attestations Must be redone as part of Home Inspection process
    a.) DCFS Criminal Conviction/ Arrest History Statement (must be notarized)
    b.) CFS403-D form IL Adoptive Parents Rights and Responsibilities
    c.) CFS 452-2 Foster Family Firearms Agreement (if applicable)
    d.) CFS 452-5 Safety Plan for Pools, Hot Tubs, Ponds & Other Potential Water Hazards (if applicable)
    e.) Pet Vaccination Record (if applicable) Parents must request this from their Veterinarian.
    f.)  CFS 452 Well Water Agreement (if applicable; to be completed with caseworker)
    g.) CFS 452-1 Water Temperature Agreement (if applicable; to be completed with caseworker)
    h.) Well and Septic Check Report (If using well water, parents must supply proof of water testing.)
    i.) CFS 452-4 Child Supervision Plan Agreement
    j.) CFS 585 Document of Inspection of Smoke Detector in Foster Home (to be completed with caseworker)
    k.) CFS 585-1 Fire Evacuation Plan (to be completed with caseworker)
  16. MAA Discipline Recommendation Form (to be completed with caseworker)- from previous file
  17. Client Rights and Complaint Procedures – from previous file
  18. Post-Adoption Report Commitment Form – from previous file
  19. Home Study Fee Acknowledgement Sheet – NEED
  20. Notarized Home Study Contract – NEED
  21. IL Foster Care License (ONLY for Domestic adoptions and those that are NOT a FINALIZED adoption in the country, such as Philippines or Korea).