Documents Required – Illinois – Foster Care License (Adoptions Only)

If you are adopting domestically, or if you are adopting from a country that is not a finalized adoption in the country (such as Philippines or Korea), you will need a foster care license through DCFS.  Below is a list of the additional requirements for an IL foster care license. The forms must be filled out by the parents, and then returned to the case worker.

Note:  This license is for adoption purposes ONLY and cannot be used to care for foster children as MAA does not have a contract with DCFS to place foster children.

Foster Care License Application Packet includes the following:

  1. CFS 597-A Application for an Initial Foster Family License (per family)
  2. CFS 506-F Foster Family Home Information (per family)
  3. CFS 604 Medical Evaluation (per adult in home) – must be completed within the last 6 months
  4. CFS 600 Certificate of Child Health Examination (per child in home)
  5. CFS 718 Authorization for Background Check for each person 13 years and older (with attached receipts)

Finger printing needs to be completed by calling 866-361-9944.  Fingerprint receipts must be sent to case worker to send in with application.

The above packet will be submitted to DCFS once the following clearance results are received by the caseworker:

  1. Sex Offender Clearance
  2. CANTS Clearance
  3. Illinois State Police Clearance
  4. FBI Clearance

Once the above packet has been received by DCFS, the home study will be completed by the caseworker and the additional forms will be required:

  1. CANTS 22B Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status
  2. CFS 452-A Acknowledgment of Compliance*
  3. CFS 452-3 Corporal Punishment Agreement
  4. CFS 452 Well Water Agreement* (if applicable)
  5. CFS 452-1 Water Temperature Agreement* (if applicable)
  6. CFS 452-4 Child Supervision Plan Agreement
  7. CFS583-B Certification of Inspection for Unsafe Children’s Products
  8. CFS 585 Document of Inspection of Smoke Detector in Foster Home*
  9. CFS 585-1 Fire Evacuation Plan*
  10. CFS 590 Foster Family Home License Compliance Record
  11. CFS 688 Foster Home Motor Vehicle Insurance Certification
  12. CFS 506-G Foster Home Licensing Assessment (required if family is obtaining foster care license only, otherwise the home study fulfills this requirement)

*To be filled out by caseworker during the home visit