Illinois Hosting Program – What to Expect

The hosting program is a wonderful program that is both enjoyable and educational – for the child and for your family!  Your time together will be filled with cultural experiences. Your family will provide a loving and nurturing environment exposing them to a family centered life.  After the designated time, all children return to the orphanage with a rewarding educational experience.  The children will also receive personal contact with people who support them.  For some of these children, it will be first time that they have h2016 Hosting What to Expectad someone caring for their basic daily needs.

The advantage of MAA’s Hosting Program is that it affords a number of life-changing opportunities for your family and the child. The main goal of this program is ultimately to improve the health, education, and general welfare of orphaned children in China and the Philippines. These children have often been raised in institutions and have little experience with a family or with the benefits of life in the United States. If you have a heart for children and would like to experience another culture, hosting provides a wonderful encounter with this exact purpose!

It should be understood that children born to intact functional families generally do not end up in orphanages. Most children in orphanages were born to poor families or single mothers, or they have been abandoned or were taken from birth parents due to neglect or abuse.  All children are influenced by life in an institution.  They will have developmental delays that may affect their speech, motor skills, cognitive functioning, and physical growth.  Children may also exhibit institutional behavior such as rocking or other self-stimulating activities.  Often children in institutions may have experienced fondling or sexual abuse at the hands of caregivers or other children.  Madison recommends families to take every precaution in their family. We will help you prepare!

Host families will be expected to attend weekly events where all of the children and families spend time together.  Families should also expect the Filipino or Chinese social workers (chaperones) to join you for dinner at least twice during the program, and to possibly stay in your home for 2-3 nights. This allows us to evaluate how you and the child are doing and help you work through any issues or problem areas.

In general, the children who participate in the hosting program have a good prognosis for a healthy future if provided with the love, support, and treatment they need to overcome the challenges they face prior to adoption. Even if your participation in the Hosting Program does not lead to the adoption of the child you are hosting, you may be allowing the child to begin his journey to a permanent family, as he will have the opportunity to meet many people during his stay in the United States.

If you have questions regarding hosting requirements, training, costs, or other details, please contact our Hosting Coordinator, Michelle McGowan at or 217-498-9900.