Illinois Hosting Program – Support

Support During the Process

Madison Adoption Associates has an experienced hosting coordinator, social workers, and previous host families who will be available to your family throughout the entire hosting time. When questions come up and they will we will be accessible to you to help you consider the options, work through possible solutions, and find the best answer for your family and for the child.

The following individuals are your first point of contact in the event of any problems:

Contact                                               Office                                                  Cellular

Michelle McGowan                            (217) 498-9900                                   (217) 381-6006

Sara Oglesby                                       (217) 498-9700                                   (217) 299-9248

Jamie Janssen Casey                           n/a                                                       (708) 363-3338

Diana Bramble                                    (302) 475-8977                                   (302) 290-0385


There will also be chaperones from both China and the Philippines who will accompany the children on their trip. The chaperones are ultimately responsible for reporting back to the adoption authorities in their sending countries about the hosting program. They will stay abreast of any and all situations regarding the children. They are here to support the children and families alike!

If there are any serious situations that occur (involving emotional or physical harm/injury to the host child, or harm caused to others by the host child), you will be required to submit an incident report within 24 hours. All incidents will be investigated and handled by MAA’s trained staff.

If you are experiencing any issues, as small as they seem, please call us and let us help. Often sitting down and discussing a small issue can prevent a larger issue from occurring in the future. We are here to help – just let us know!