Illinois Hosting Program – Paperwork Requirements

Madison Adoption Associates is required to protect and provide for the children who will be coming to the United States to participate in the hosting program. These requirements include collecting the information below from each host family.


  • Host Family Admission Form
  • Live Fingerprint Scanning for Illinois State Police/Missouri State Police and FBI Clearances for household members 17 years and older ($60 per person aged 18 or older)
  • Child Abuse or Neglect/Criminal Record Check for household members 13 years and older
  • IL & National Sex Offender Check for household members 13 years and older
  • Three (3) Character References per family
  • Mini Home Study Report completed by licensed home study agency
  • Hosting Agreement
  • Fee Agreement and Refund Policy
  • Safety Plan
  • Intent to Adopt and Mid-Point Evaluation Form (to be completed 10 days into Hosting Program)

 A social worker will contact you to schedule a home visit while your background checks are being processed. The purpose is to ensure that the home is a safe environment for the hosted child. The home inspection fee is $300 and to be paid at the time of visit. If you have any questions about the following forms, please contact Sara Oglesby at (217)498-9700 or