Hong Kong Adoption Dossier Requirements

Please note, detailed Dossier instructions and forms are provided in the New Client Packet.

The requirements for the Dossier are very strict and every document must match to the information in the home study report.  A Hong Kong dossier must include the following documents:

  1. Home Study Report
  2. Passports of Applicants and Passports/Identify Proof for all other persons living in household, if applicable
  3. Marriage Certificate
  4. Birth Certificate: Husband, Wife, and All Children
  5. Divorce Decree/ Custody Order/ Death Certificate (if applicable)
  6. Adoption Decree of previously adopted child(ren) (if applicable)
  7. Medical Report and Undertaking of the Applicant: Husband & Wife
  8. Medical Note for all Family Members in the Household
  9. Education Qualification/ Diploma for your highest level of education
  10. Letter of Employment: Husband & Wife
  11. Three Letters of Reference/ Recommendation
  12. Letter from Guardians
  13. Police Clearances: ALL household members 18 and over
  14. Child Abuse Clearances: ALL household members 18 and over
  15. Financial Documentation
  16. USCIS Approval/ Form I800a
  17. Name Verification Form
  18. Certificate of Citizenship (if applicable)
  19. Proof and Qualifications of Home Schooling (if applicable)
  20. Pet Vaccination(s) of any pets in the home
  21. Intercountry Adoption Application Form
  22. Child Preference Form
  23. Family and House Photos
  24. Notice on Collection of Personal Data
  25. Fee Schedule of Hong Kong Partner
  26. Vaccination Exemption
  27. Assumption of Responsibility Pending Adoption Completion
  28. Statement of Acceptance for Adoption
  29. Post Placement Agreement
  30. Inter-Agency Agreement

All of the documents above must be notarized or in the case of vital records, newly issued certified copies.