Post Adoption Services for Pennsylvania Adoptive Families

Any Pennsylvania adoptive family in need of support after their adoption can utilize this assistance.  This includes families who have adopted domestically, internationally, or through kinship (including any family that has been named the permanent or subsidized legal guardian of a child or children).  These services are funded through your tax dollars via the Pennsylvania’s Statewide Adoption & Permanency Network (SWAN) and they are there to help adoptive families.  These services are offered to strengthen and assist families who may need support related to attachment, behavior, bonding, transition, etc.

Just by calling 1-800-585-SWAN (7926) or by emailing you can request post adoption services from Madison Adoption Associates at no cost.

Madison Adoption Associates Post Adoption Services for Pennsylvania Families

Once Madison Adoption Associates receives the referral, we will call you to set up a professional one-on-one consult with your family, in your home, to discuss how we can help.

 Services Offered:
  • Initial one-on-one consult in your home with an adoption competent professional (assessment) This family meeting will give us a sense of your family’s strengths, needs and challenges so that you and your social worker can work together to draft a plan of action.
  • Implementing the plan (case management) We will provide ongoing coaching and consultation as well as work with your family to help you locate the resources you need for your family, including advocating with the school system and mental health providers, if requested.
  • A break from the demanding job of parenting a child with special needs (respite) This can be traditional respite services wherein someone cares for your child for a few hours, overnight, or for a weekend. This can also be more creative respite where your child participates in something that meets their needs, such as summer camp, therapeutic horseback riding, or weekend retreats.
  • On-line support Madison Adoption Associates offers an online support group to share, listen and discover you are not alone providing coaching from an adoption competent clinician. However, if you prefer a face-to-face support group, then we will refer you to a support group in your area.

Call 1-800-585-SWAN (7926) today or email and indicate you want Madison Adoption Associates to provide Post-Permanency Services for your family.

If you have questions or need further information, please contact Patti Farrell at 215-601-8868, or email Patti at for further information.