There are many resources out there to assist your family in supporting and encouraging your child that needs speech therapy and speech assistance. Little by little my family, also on a speech journey, are discovering what has been useful and what maybe we didnt need to spend our time or resources on.

I like free, especially when it works! My children do not get a lot of screen time, but occasionally they really enjoy sitting down and playing a game on my phone. We downloaded a free speech application called “Articulation Speech Therapy” by KidsAppBaba.

Here is a little about it:

1. Its free. :)

2. You can choose any letter articuluation or blend, and determine if its an initial, medial or final sound.

3. Your child can actually say the sounds given into the phone after hearing them pronounced and the program (which is fairly sensitive) will let them know if they did it correctly or need to try again.

4. Its very simple, little to no bells and whistles, but several of my children really enjoy it and get good speech articulation practice.

I believe it is available for all types of phones/pads/etc.

Its just one nice resource out there to help our precious cleft kids and other chilren with speech challenges to grow in confidence and ability!

Source: Madison Blog