Ecuador – Post Adoption Reports

Most countries have either post-placement or post adoption reporting requirements in addition to any state reporting requirements. It is imperative that you comply with agency and/or country requirements because these reports are often the only reassurance the placing country receives to know that the children are doing well.

Reports for families who have adopted from Ecuador are required at one (1) month, four (4) months, eight (8) months, twelve (12) months, eighteen (18) months and twenty four (24) months after you return home with your child. The 30-day report is an agency policy (pursuant to our state licensing laws).  Due to MAA’s placement of many older children and children with special needs, we find that this initial report has been very beneficial in helping families as they bond.  By having a social worker in the home soon after the child has arrived home, MAA and the PAR agencies can assess how the entire family is adjusting, identifying potential issues, provide suggestions and resources, and help facilitate a smooth transition.

Ecuador requires that all post adoption reports cover an update on the child’s medical needs, academic needs, and psychological needs.  They want to know progress, appointments, and resources being utilized to assist the child in these areas.  If not covered in detail additional information as well as formal reports from providers (doctors, teachers, psychologists, etc.) may be requested from the central authority.

Post adoption reports inform the country’s adoption authority about the child’s progress and the reports also go a long way in helping countries justify placing children with international families. The adoption authorities are eager to hear of the wonderful lives and loving families these children now have. It also lets them know how their efforts have made a difference for these children. There is no reason to fear providing these reports. These reports will only strengthen the foreign program and help more children to be placed with loving families.

These reports should include a minimum of 10 photos of your child, with details about the health and well-being of the child, and information on how your family is adjusting. We will forward these reports to the officials in the foreign country.

In addition to the formality of the requirements, post-placement and post-adoption  supervision also gives the adoptive parents an opportunity to discuss with the social worker any concerns they may have about the child or the family dynamics. This is not an investigative procedure.  Rather, it is an opportunity to have a source of ongoing support and guidance and helping families to plan and successfully work through a myriad of issues that will come up over the course of an adoptee’s lifetime

Please contact us at or call MAA with any questions regarding the post placement reports for Ecuador.