Domestic Identified

The Program


Any and all adoptions that take place in Delaware must be completed by a licensed adoption agency in the state. For this reason, Madison Adoption Associates is happy to provide services to birth parents and adoptive parents who have identified each other for the purpose of placement of an unborn child. Madison Adoption Associates will provide the same above and beyond support and counseling to birthparents, while simultaneously educating and navigating the adoptive family through the process.

The Children

Most children who are adopted through the domestic program are placed with their adoptive families as newborns. It is rare that toddlers or older children become available, although it does happen. Children placed for domestic adoption come from all ethnic backgrounds, including Caucasian, African-American, Asian, Latino, and Indian. There are numerous reasons that birth parents choose to make an adoption plan for their child, and Madison does not judge any decision as long as it is made with the goal of providing what is in the best interest of the child.

The Birth Parents

Madison provides trained counselors who are available to birth parents. We provide assistance, counseling and one-on-one support to birth parents who need to investigate the right choice for their child’s future.

The Adoptive Families

Madison will be with each adoptive family through the entire adoption process, providing the same support and encouragement that we offer to the birth parents.

The Home Study

Every adoption process begins with a home study performed by a licensed social worker. The home study process is intended to not only investigate suitability issues, but also to help adoptive parents understand the unique issues that may come up during and after the adoption, and to prepare parents for raising an adopted child. A social worker will meet with adoptive parents to prepare the home study by gathering information about each parent’s background, relationships with family and friends, education, career history, finances, attitude toward discipline and other parenting issues.

Each adoptive parent and any other adult household members must obtain criminal and child abuse background clearances. For families who reside in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Illinois, Madison Adoption Associates will serve as the home study provider.


This program is highly flexible. Families of almost any description, including married couples, single persons, divorcees, and non-traditional families, can adopt a child through this program. There are no agency restrictions regarding age, race, color, religion, or family size. Eligible families must have an approved home study, and current child abuse and criminal clearances. Families must also have the desire to provide a safe, permanent, and loving home for a child.


The TOTAL cost of the program is approximately $12,000-$14,000. This is a complete price which includes all agency fees, home study/post-placement fees, social worker and counseling fees, adoptive parent training, and legal fees. The IRS tax credit is available to domestic adoptive families. See the Domestic Identified Fee Schedule above for details.