Documents Required for an Adoption Home Study (DE, NJ & PA)

    1. Copy of Driver License, Passport, or Photo ID of each applicant
    2. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
    3. Birth Certificate for each family member
    4. Divorce Decree (if applicable)
    5. Military Discharge/ Death Certificate (if applicable)
    6. State Police Clearance for each member of household over 17 years of age
    7. Child Abuse Clearance for  each member of household over 17 years of age
    8. For PA families, Cogent (FBI) clearances for each member of household over 17 years
    9. For Hague Home Studies, a child abuse clearance for each state lived in since 18 years of age. This includes other countries . Please contact us for assistance in locating contacts for other countries.
      Use this link for a current list of state contacts: Adam Walsh State Contacts and Procedures for Child Abuse Registry Checks
    10. Medical letter or physical form from physician stating good health and normal life expectancy for all members of household
    11. Five (5) letters of reference.  We suggest that you vary them. For example, one from neighbor, one from family, one from employer, one from place of worship (if applicable), one of choice. MAA will provide forms for you. REFERENCES MUST BE NOTARIZED.
    12. Most recent 1040 Federal Tax Return
    13. Financial Worksheet – List of Assets and Liabilities and Monthly Expenses
    14. Letters from employers stating occupation title, salary, and length of service
    15. Proof of Life Insurance – copy of face of policy, company name and amount of policy
    16. Proof of Health Coverage – copy of policy or card
    17. Proof of Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance
    18. Autobiography Questionnaire of each adopting parent
    19. Parenting Beliefs Assessment of each adopting parent
    20. Guardian Designation Form
    21. Parent Education Training Package Forms
    22. Home Study Fee Acknowledgement Sheet
    23. Social Worker Affirmation Statement
    24. Post-Adoption Report Commitment Form
    25. Non-Physical Discipline Statement
    26. Consent to Release of Information
    27. Parent Preparation Form
    28. If you are a Home Study Only Client, signed Home Study Contract