Illinois Hosting Program – Decision To Adopt


Ten (10) days into the hosting program, Host Parents will be asked to complete a Mid-Point Feedback Survey to evaluate how the placement is going. At this time, we also ask our families to make their adoption intentions known. If the Host Family plans to adopt their host child, an adoption application must be immediately submitted to Madison Adoption Associates accompanied by a $500 application fee. Madison Adoption Associates as your adoption placement agency and will send you the necessary paperwork needed to begin your adop2016 Hosting Decision to Adopttion process.

If you are still unsure at this mid-point, that is fine! However, the overall goal of this process is to find each child his/her own family, so we may need to start actively introducing the child to other potential families in the community if you do not feel that this child is the best fit for your family.

Ultimately, this program is designed to benefit disadvantaged children who may not get another chance to experience family life. All of us are touched by meeting and getting to know each one of these children. Their faces and stories stay with us long after they have returned to the China.

Please contact us at any time, with any additional questions!