Colombia Adoption Travel

Adoptive parents are permitted to travel after the Hague process is complete and they have received Article 5 and permission from ICBF to travel. This step takes approximately 4-8 weeks after the family’s I-800 is approved.

Colombia supports the belief that an adoptive family should be familiar with the child’s heritage, thus the entire family is encouraged to travel to the country together to meet the new child.  If the entire family cannot travel, both parents are still required to come to Colombia.  The stay in country typically is between 22 to 28 days, however, depending on the duration of the administrative process it could be 6 to 8 weeks.  If one parent is unable to stay, he or she may leave after the “integration” period, which is usually about ten (10) days.  Families can stay in hotels or in apartments arranged with the help of the agency and our support team in Colombia.  Madison Adoption Associates works with an experienced legal representative in Colombia who will personally arrange all travel in the area and stay with our families as much as possible.  Families find the trip to be a culturally rich, wonderful experience.