Colombia – Post Adoption Reports (PAR)

Madison Adoption Associates families are required to submit a total of five reports written by a home study/post placement agency.  Reports are required at 30-days, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months.  If the child is 8 years of age or older or part of a sibling group than additional PAR’s will be needed at 30 months and 36 months.  The 30-day report is an agency policy (pursuant to state licensing laws).  Due to MAA’s placement of many older children and children with special needs, we find that this initial report has been very beneficial in helping families as they bond.  By having a social worker in the home soon after the child has arrived home, MAA and the PAR agencies can assess how the entire family is adjusting, identifying issues, provide suggestions and resources, and help facilitate a smooth transition.  Two original apostilled copies of each report should be sent to MAA upon completion.

Colombia is specific as to what information is included in the post adoption reports.  Please follow the template provided.  All information must be included.  Reports should be very individualized and specific to the child.

All reports are required to include a minimum of 8 color shiny gloss photos with captions in hard copy as well as digital jpegs per a child. The digital images should be emailed in jpeg format to Lindsey Teefey at . All photos should be printed in high quality color (size 4×6 prints) and attached to letter size paper with captions describing the people and activity in each photo as well as the date and location.  Please include two images to a page.  A minimum, of 8 photos should be sent along with the corresponding report.  Please include one family picture with every report.

The 6-month report should accompany the 8 photos with captions as well as a copy of the Certificate of Citizenship, Final Adoption Decree, and Hague Adoption Decree.

The 30-day report is due immediately upon the families return home with the child.  All following apostilled reports are due to Lindsey Teefey, Post Adoption Wellness Coordinator with Madison Adoption Associates, two months prior to the report deadline.

Please send all reports, pictures and documentation to:

Madison Adoption Associates
128 N. John Street
Suite 2
Rochester, Illinois 62563

All questions should be directed to Lindsey Teefey at or 217-498-9700.