Colombia Adoption Dossier Requirements

Please note, detailed Dossier instructions and forms are provided in the New Client Packet.

The Dossier to submit to Colombia must include the following documents:

    • Commitment Letter
    • Birth Certificate of all household members (Certified Original documents)
    • Marriage Certificate (Certified Original documents)
    • Divorce or Death Decrees (if applicable)
    • Medical Suitability Certificate for each parent and household members over 18
    • Letter from medical professional IF on any prescribed medication, chronic medical condition
    • Psychological Evaluation Report for each parent
    • Professional letter if receiving or have received counseling services
    • FBI Clearance for each parent and anyone living in the home over 18 years of age (On FBI letterhead)
    • Copy of Prior Arrest(s) court documents and Personal Statement regarding incident
    • Employment, Self-Employment, and/or Homemaker Letters for each parent
    • Post Adoption Reporting Agreement (separate letters are required for family and agency)
    • Home Study Report with Agency License
    • Verification of Legal Names
    • USCIS I800A Approval
    • Parent Training Certificates
    • MAA Endorsement of Psychological Evaluation
    • MAA Endorsement of Home Study (if MAA is not home study provider)
    • MAA Affidavit of Hague Accreditation Certificate and Agency License

 All of the documents above must be certified or notarized and Apostilled. 

 The dossier must also include:

    • Letter of Intent to ICBF
    • ICBF Application – English and Spanish
    • IAPA Application – English and Spanish (if applicable)
    • Special Characteristics by Age – English and Spanish
    • Passport photo of each parent
    • Three notarized personal reference letters
    • Color Copy of Passports for each parent
    • Recent pictures of the parents, family members and home/community
    • Interagency Agreement/ Licenses

Madison Adoption Associates will prepare your dossier, including all authentications, scans and copies.  For local clients, we are happy to act as your notary.