China Referrals & Matching of Waiting Children

China Program Picture 1-1China categorizes children into two groups according to their age and their degree of special needs/health conditions: Special Focus and non-Special Focus (LID)

  • Special Focus: Children’s files deemed ‘special focus’ range in age from toddler through 13. Typically, the younger the child, the more moderate to significant their special needs are.  Many of the older children do not have medical diagnoses and are deemed ‘healthy.’  However, regardless of the age and diagnoses of the child, it can be expected that they will all have emotional needs and needs related to histories of trauma.
  • Non-Special Focus (LID): Children’s files deemed ‘LID’ typically have more minor and/or correctable medical needs. They range in age from toddler through 10 years of age.  Only families with a Logged-In dossier with the CCCWA are eligible to be matched with these files.  Agencies are allowed to present LID families for these LID children’s files, and CCCWA will then go in order of Log-In Dates and allow the agency with the oldest Log-In Date to present the LID file to that family.