China Adoption Program

MAA Staff in China

Due to COVID-19, we are temporarily not accepting applications for this program.   As soon as China resumes adoption travel, MAA will resume accepting applications.  Please check back later.

In China, children can be eligible for international adoption as young as 6 months old.  However, the youngest children available for international adoption are typically 2-3 years of age.  Children are eligible for adoption until the age of 14.  The majority of China’s orphanages are comprised of older boys and/or children of all ages with special needs.  Historically, healthy infants, and/or very young children with minor needs were available for international adoption.  However, due to cultural shifts and law changes, those children are now typically able to stay in their homeland through domestic adoption.  The children currently available for international adoption have varying levels of special needs, and range in age from 2 to 14.

Once you have decided to adopt from China

The staff at Madison Adoption Associates will guide you through every step of the process.  We will answer your questions, help you prepare and complete your paperwork, provide support and encouragement, and assist you with your travel arrangements.  It is important to begin your Home Study and the USCIS immigration forms as soon as possible because they generally take up to six months.