China Adoption Dossier Requirements

  • Adoption Application Letter
  • Home Study report from a Hague accredited adoption agency
  • Certified copy of birth certificates for each parent
  • Certified copy of marriage certificate; Divorce decree(s), if applicable
  • Police clearance letter for each parent
  • Medical Certificates (form provided by Madison Adoption Associates)
  • Financial Statement (form provided by Madison Adoption Associates)
  • Employment Verification Letter for each parent
  • USCIS Immigration Approval (I-800A)
  • Letter from a psychological professional, if applicable

All of the documents above must be notarized, certified and authenticated. The dossier must also include:

  • Copy of Passports
  • 2 Passport Photographs with names written on back
  • 6-8 Photographs depicting family life
  • Notarized reference letters
  • Inter-Agency Agreement/Licenses
  • Post Adoption Reporting Agreement

Madison Adoption Associates is dedicated to making your adoption ‘paper chase’ as easy as possible for you. Therefore, we are happy to provide all levels of certification and authentication. For local clients, we are happy to serve as your notary, free of charge.