Catherine Robbins

Family Engagement Coordinator

Catherine joined MAA professionally in 2021. As MAA’s Family Engagement Coordinator, Catherine is responsible for family recruitment, engaging with prospective adoptive parents, and helping families navigate the beginning of the adoption journey. Catherine has spent most of her professional life as a Stage Manager in theatre, at first in her home country of Ireland and then here in the U.S. where she met her husband. She has travelled all over North America with the touring show Riverdance and has worked on numerous events and shows at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Catherine had the absolute joy of becoming a mother through adoption, with the invaluable assistance of the staff at Madison. Her daughter Hope is from China and was three years old when she came home in 2016. In 2018, the Robbins family travelled to China a second time to bring home another beautiful daughter, Sara. The Robbins family, along with their three dogs and one cat, moved from New Jersey to Delaware in 2020 and could not be happier with their new home. Catherine is thrilled to play a small part in assisting families in the adoption process, as her own life has been tremendously blessed by adopting her daughters.