Bulgaria Travel

Bulgaria supports the belief that an adoptive family should be familiar with their child’s heritage. Thus, both parents should travel to the country. If only one parent is able to travel, there are additional paperwork requirements that must be done to complete the adoption process. Bulgaria requires that adoptive parents make two trips to complete the adoption. Once the official referral is received and accepted, the family will travel to Bulgaria to meet the child. This trip requires 5 full days in Bulgaria, plus 2-3 days travel time.  A final decision will then be made and if you choose to proceed, the adoption process will begin in Bulgaria while the immigration/visa process (I-800) proceeds in the US. After both countries have completed the necessary steps, final travel to Bulgaria to receive the child and complete the immigration/visa process will be scheduled. This second trip is approximately 7-10 days. MAA will work closely with our foreign partner to arrange all of your travel appointments in Bulgaria.