Bulgaria Dossier Requirements

  • Application Letter to the MOJ
  • Home Study report from a licensed adoption agency (must have 3 notarized references included)
  • Certified copies of birth certificates for each parent
  • Certified copy of marriage certificate; Divorce decree(s), if applicable
  • Medical Evaluation Report for each parent
  • FBI Fingerprints
  • Parental Rights Letter (issued by MAA)
  • USCIS Immigration Approval (I-800A)
  • Power of Attorney (for legal representative and accredited agency)
  • Agreement for International Adoption

All of the documents above must be notarized and apostilled. In addition, MAA requires with dossier submission:

  • Copy of Passports
  • Passport photo (head shot) of each parent
  • Recent pictures of the parents, family members and home/community
  • Post Adoption Report Agreement