Education & Training Requirements

The Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption has been implemented throughout adoption agencies in the United States. A major part of Hague regulations require that your placement agency assist you in obtaining a minimum of twelve (12) hours of parent preparation and education. (Please note: Colombia requires a minimum of 15 hours of training). The 12+ hours must be obtained through attendance at adoption seminars, webinars, and workshops.

Madison Adoption Associates goes an additional step by requiring book reports to be completed by each parent. These hours are intended to equip you with the necessary information and resources to be the best possible parent you can be for your child or children. Your training hours must include the following Hague required topics:

1. The intercountry adoption process, the general characteristics and needs of children awaiting adoption, and the incountry conditions that affect children in the Convention country from which the prospective adoptive parent(s) plan to adopt;

2. The effects on children of malnutrition, relevant environmental toxins, maternal substance abuse, and of any other known genetic, health, emotional, and developmental risk factors associated with children from the expected country of origin;

3. Information about the impact on a child of leaving familiar ties and surroundings, as appropriate to the expected age of the child;

4. Data on institutionalized children and the impact of institutionalization on children, including the effect on children of the length of time spent in an institution and of the type of care provided in the expected country of origin;

5. Information on attachment disorders and other emotional problems that institutionalized or traumatized children and children with a history of multiple caregivers may experience, before and after their adoption;

6. Information on the laws and adoption processes of the expected country of origin, including foreseeable delays and impediments to finalization of an adoption;

7. Information on the long-term implications for a family that has become multicultural through intercountry adoption; and

8. An explanation of any reporting requirements associated with Convention adoptions, including any post-placement or post-adoption reports required by the expected country of origin.