MAA Adoption Home Study Steps

  1. Submit the Home Study Application online.
  2. Print and sign the application. Send the application and a check for the application fee to the MAA office located in Delaware: MAA, 1102 Society Drive, Claymont, DE 19703.
  3. Complete and return the autobiography questionnaire (provided after application is received).
  4. Your case will be assigned to a social worker, who will contact you to set up your first appointment. Payment is due prior to the first meeting. A minimum of four meetings are required, with at least one taking place in your home. All household members must be met on at least one occasion.
  5. During the first appointment your social worker will review the binder with you and provide you with information about collecting required documents and finding Hague approved training programs that will help prepare you for adoption.
  6. Once you have all of your documents, your social worker will schedule the remaining meetings.
  7. During the visits expect to answer questions about: your health, family history, family finances, experience with children, employment, social supports, and your adoption plans.
  8. The social worker will tour your home with you to ensure your home fulfills your state’s safety regulations.
  9. The home study report will be written and sent to you for review.
  10. After the review, the home study will be finalized and notarized.
  11. In most cases, post adoption reports are required by the county and/or state after the child arrives home. Fees for post placement services are due prior to the release of the home study report. Please discuss your post adoption reporting schedule with your social worker.

MAA is available to assist you with each step. Please feel free to contact MAA to discuss your home study. Families in NJ, DE and PA contact Diana at 302-475-8977. Families in IL contact Misty at 217-498-9700.