2016 Charity Report

While adoptions are our focus, our mission remains to serve all children, including those who may never be eligible for adoption.  MAA continues to make donations, both financial and tangible, to improve the quality of life for children in all parts of the world.  These donations provide surgeries and medical supplies; fund teachers and physical therapists; provide bedding and furniture; allow caregiver trainings; secure vehicles for our partner orphanages; provide books and school supplies; and, issue grants to enable families to adopt children in need. For each of the last five years, MAA has given total cash donations of over $100,000!  In addition, we have waived fees and provided grants to children and families in excess of $300,000 each year since 2012!  So often, families can provide a loving home, but the total costs necessary to complete an adoption are overwhelming.  These grants, which are only possible thanks to your help and generosity, get these kids home!  Your contributions go 100% to serve the most vulnerable.  We distribute aid very cautiously, and follow-up to ensure that it is in fact going directly to help the children.

Ambassadors of Hope 2016 Brittany's Hope Walk
Ambassadors of Hope                                                 Brittany’s Hope Walk of Love

Fuyang Van
Van for Fuyang orphanage
Shiyan floor 2 Shiyan floor
New Orphanage Floors