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Child Name: Alexa
Date of Birth: 06/24/2010
Special Need(s): Lower Limbs Disability
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Grants Available

Special Focus Program      $500
Adoption of a child over age 8 years     $500

*other grants may be available based on the adoptive family circumstances. Grants are awarded as agency fee reductions.

Recent Updates

Alexa is a beautiful girl with so much potential! Alexa was born in June of 2010, but didn’t come into the care of her orphanage until around four years of age. She was very sad, which is to be expected, but gradually adjusted to life in the orphanage. As she adjusted, she became much more optimistic and social. She is described by her caretakers as cheerful, talkative, calm, sensible, clever, and adorable. She works hard and is very independent. Alexa can take care of her own needs and enjoys helping take care of the other children as well. She has become a big sister figure to many in the orphanage. Her orphanage says she is very smart and that she likes to study. At the time her file was prepared, she could count and write numbers. Alexa likes to draw, sing, play with dolls, and play games in class. She can often be found with a smile on her face too! Alexa was diagnosed as having disabled lower limbs. She uses a walker to get around. Her hands and arms are flexible. She has a good appetite and is not a picky eater. We are hoping to get an update to see how Alexa is doing since her file was prepared.

Alexa 12.06.2018 Update


Password: Adoptmaa

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