Shared List

Most of the waiting children in China are placed on CCCWA’s Shared List. Adopting a child from the Shared List is a particularly good fit for families wishing to adopt an older child or a child with a specific medical condition, such as Down Syndrome or Spina Bifida, as we can search for children by these preferences. The Shared List is also popular with families who may find a child on an advocacy site and need an agency to help them navigate the process of reviewing, matching and adopting that child.

MAA is also matching younger minor needs children from the Shared List, as we are continuously searching the list to find children who will benefit from being matched with a particular MAA family.

A child’s referral on the Shared List can be locked by any of the CCCWA-approved agencies at any time; therefore, these children cannot be placed “on hold” for a family. When MAA locks a child’s file for a family with a current, valid home study, we must complete the on-line locking procedures within 72 hours. This requires that the adoptive family get a doctor’s opinion regarding the child’s medical information and submit the necessary forms and documents to MAA before the 72 hour deadline. If the interested family has not completed these steps within the 72-hour locked period, the child will be automatically released back to the Shared List for matching by other agencies/families. MAA is not able to lock that particular child to any other families for one week.