Illinois Hosting Fees and Payment Schedule


The total fee for the hosting program is $2,500 and $1,500 for each additional child (plus fingerprinting fee of $60 for each adult aged 18 or over). This includes the home visit, mini-home study report, hosting and adoption training, and all child’s and chaperone’s fees outlined below. HOSTING GRANTS ARE AVAILABLE BASED ON INCOME. Please see below for details.

PLEASE NOTE, MADISON ADOPTION ASSOCIATES MAKES NO PROFIT FROM THE HOSTING PROGRAM. FOR THE PAST 6 YEARS WE HAVE HELD THIS PROGRAM, MAA’S COSTS HAVE NOT BEEN FULLY COVERED. However, in order for families to be able to afford the costs associated with hosting, and hopefully a subsequent adoption, we try to keep costs as low as possible for families and now offer hosting grants based on income.

Preliminary Application Fee NON-REFUNDABLE $100.00
Home Safety Visit NON-REFUNDABLE $300.00
Hosting Fee – 1st Child $2,100.00

Total $2,500 plus additional child fees, if applicable

*Hosting Fee – Additional Child/ren $1,500.00

The fee for the hosting program includes a number of incidentals including but not limited to: preparing the paperwork of the children and escorts (including fees for the legal documents of the child; travel clearance fees; notary fees; passport photos, fees, and filing expenses; US Embassy visa fees; courier fees and visa delivery); transportation and meal allowances for all appointments, orientations, and hotel stays for children and escorts; hotel, meals, and round-trip transportation in Philippines/China the day before departure; round trip airline tickets from Philippines/China to the US for each child and escort; medical insurance coverage for each child during their hosting stay; transportation from airport and hotel stay in Philippines/China upon arrival home; debriefing orientation including meals and transportation for children, escorts, and child care agency personnel; and any and all other incidentals. All money for hosting-related purposes should be made payable to Madison Adoption Associates. The cost to host covers actual expenses related to bringing the children to the United States and are considered a tax deductible donation. Your statement will be your receipt.

Click the link below for the payment schedule for the program.

2016 Hosting Payment Schedule

Fees paid to MAA during the course of the Hosting Program are actual expenses occurred to prepare the child’s documents, and bring them in the program. Therefore, all payments are arranged in order to pay administrative costs as they are due. For this reason, fees are non-refundable. However, MAA will always make a good faith effort to accommodate families.

In the event a Hosting family decides they do not wish to host the child prior to the hosting period, 50% of the hosting fees paid will be returned only if MAA is able to find another local family to host the child. The application fee and fee for home visits are non-refundable. If MAA is unable to find another local family at least two months prior to the hosting period, all fees paid will be considered non-refundable.

In the event that the Hosting Family decides they wish to terminate the hosting experience during the hosting period, they will nevertheless assume full responsibility for all expenses, which were incurred by or on behalf of the child during the time the child was in their physical custody or was expected to be in their custody, and no refunds will be given.