China Travel

Adoptive parents are permitted to travel after the Hague process is complete and they have received a Travel Approval “TA” from China. This step takes approximately 8-10 weeks from the time that China approves your adoption application (dossier).

China supports the belief that an adoptive family should be familiar with the child’s heritage. In addition, the initial meeting and bonding time can be difficult for both child and parents. It is important that both parents travel to offer support to their new child and each other. Additional paperwork will be required if only one parent is able to travel. Families may travel individually or in a small group, however, MAA will not delay your travel in order to create a travel group. Your total travel time in China will be approximately 12-14 days.

We have a very capable travel organization in China who will make all your arrangements for your trip of a lifetime! Your local guide will meet you at the airport and accompany you throughout your stay. You will have the freedom to see the sites that YOU want to see, adding any additional touring and cities you desire.