Bao’an Heritage Trip 2019

Some of our children called it home for only months, while others called it home for years.  Many of our children experienced many of their ‘firsts’ there – first steps, first word, first lullaby learned.  And while we wish no child has to spend time in an orphanage, it is nevertheless part of our children’s story.  Part of their history.  Which makes it part of all of our families stories and histories as well.

Come January 2020, the original Bao’an SWI will be no more.  It is being demolished in order to build a subway station.  And while the current children will be relocated to a new location, the experiences our children had in the Bao’an building will never be able to be physically visited again.  The floors they walked on, the tables they sat and ate at, and the rooms they slept in, all crumbled to the ground.  It is tempting to want our children’s traumatic starts in life to be buried with the debris of the building, but we all know that is not realistic, and it also does not do justice to their pasts.  Instead, we invite you to come with us to walk the halls of Bao’an with your child one last time.  To spend time with the caregivers, and to pay homage to the place our children called home during a significant time in their lives.

We at Madison Adoption Associates fully recognize that this will not be a ‘simple, fun trip,’ but will be an emotional journey for both you and your child.  Because of this, we are dedicated to supporting you and your family before, during, and after the trip.  There will be pre-trip counseling and activities to help prepare you and your child, as well as clinical staff accompanying you on the trip.  Our staff will be available to your family to help guide you through the strong emotions that you and your child might feel leading up to the trip, during, and once home.   And yes, while we will reflect, grow, and bond as families, we will also rejoice and celebrate our children’s firsts, forge new friendships, and love on the children that still remain…

We look forward to you joining us for this special trip to Bao’an.