Adriana Chaves, MA

Hosting Coordinator

Adriana Chaves graduated as a Psychologist in Colombia and has over 20 years of experience in the field of adoption and foster care.  She initiated her career doing private practice and soon became the Psychology Coordinator of FANA, a private institution well known in Colombia for its professional approach to adoption and the care of children. During her 20 years in that institution, she managed to create the Psychology Department, as well as supporting hundreds of families and children to reach their family dreams. In parallel, Adriana continued with her private practice. She studied psychology, and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychological Evaluation of Children and a Master’s in Clinical and Family Psychology.

Adriana and her sons, Simon and Pablo, relocated to South Florida from Colombia last year after her husband, Sergio, was transferred by the company he works for. She is excited to join the Madison Adoption Associates team coordinating the hosting program,  supporting the Colombia adoption program, and counseling children and families post adoption.